Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Computer repair common problems

Computer repair can be a complicated sub-ject. So much can happen in one day the computer works fine, and the next day will not turn at all. When this happens do not panic. It can be a sim-sized solution. If you know what some of the easy solutions are then you might be able to have your PC running in no time. Here are some common problems that goes wrong with your computer and fixes some cheap computer repair.

In my experience the most common problems when the computer does not start is because the CMOS battery. The CMOS battery is the small silver disc, which resembles a calculator battery.To replace the CMOS battery will need to disconnect power to your computer and carefully remove the CMOS battery cover.The be on the motherboard. Gently pull out to avoid damaging the motherboard and a new replacement care. Make sure you put the new battery properly you may want to note how that is in an old before removal for you to put the new correctly.

Another easy solution in computer repair, it also means the CMOS battery. If for any reason you are blocked from your laptop and have forgotten your password, you can reset it by removing the CMOS battery and putting it back in. Working on a notebook though, is a little more dangerous and difficult then a PC. If you find yourself having to remove the CMOS battery in your laptop make sure you remove the battery and unplug the first laptop to prevent injury.
Sometimes your computer skills very well, but usually load the operating system. If this happens the computer repair is as simple as reinstalling your operating system. Most computers have a disk to do this, but keep in mind if you are reinstalling Windows you might have to call Microsoft to get their windows legally activated.

Another simple computer repair is when the power goes down. Make sure your drive is disconnected and has no electricity going to it. Remove the lid and gently loosen the screws that hold little in the last. You want to put some screws in a safe place. Your new power supply must be right where the old man. If your replacement is the right size. This computer repair takes just minutes.

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